Set Your Goals

dreamlewisWhen we are young we all have dreams and goals in the hope that one day they will come true.  Unless you have a magic fairy or win the lottery our biggest dreams get put on hold or we have to let them go. Living in the real world can put a real damper on life especially when you have to work,  take care of yourself and your family and keep your head above water just to pay the bills!

But our dreams give us a sense of purpose and hope when there is no hope sometimes.  This believing in something that for most of us is entirely out of reach gives us the strength and determination to carry on knowing that one day we will reach our goals.

I have learnt that whatever you dream and whatever your goal is you must write it down.  When you put pen to paper, you make your dreams and goals real and they become a binding contract.  You can keep looking at it to keep you on track, you can revise as circumstances change in your life until you reach your ultimate goal.

We all dream about something that we want to improve our daily living – a new house, a boat, holiday home, investment property, study to change our job, travel and holiday more, or just set personal goals to improve your self esteem and confidence that you know will make a difference in your life and your family’s.  We all want to get back that part of us that has been lost along the way. No matter what it is, when it is written down you make your dreams come true.

When you are in a personal crisis like heading for divorce, changing jobs, buying a house or starting a family: no matter what stage of life you are at, if you set your goals and write them down as short term goals, medium term goals and long term goals you will always stay true to your cause. You may just want to be financially free and by setting a budget anddreams keeping to it will give you a tremendous amount of satisfaction. You may want to clear debt or want to add more debt to start a new business so that you can work for yourself instead of working for somebody else.

When you write your goals, write them in such a way that they are truly achievable. Set them in time frames and be specific. For instance if you want to save for a special holiday then write down how much money each week or month you need to put away in a savings account and how long you will have to do this for. Set a deadline and keep to it.

The goals are personal to you and nobody else and sometimes I believe this is the one time that you should not share your goals with anyone else. Other people will often want to give you their point of view but that is their view and their dreams. Some people can hold you back from achieving what you really want out of life if they know what your goals are and they are not the same as theirs.  Your goals are your aspirations and dreams that you want to fulfil, not anyone else’s.

Live your life but more importantly live your dreams