Lifestyle Wellness

It’s very true and a well known fact that many people are not living their life to their full potential. Many are sad and depressed and stuck in a negative oppression that is slowly taking over. Many are overwhelmed on a daily basis with health issues and concerns whether it be for themselves or a loved one.jacksparrow

The majority of us have financial pressures trying to budget the cost of living and trying to keep within our means is a daily burden. Our relationships within our family and friends are becoming more complex and each day brings new worries and problems that we have to face.

We sometimes loose site of where we are and become stagnated and almost end up in a vegetative state. No matter what age or gender there comes a time when we have to stop and take stock of what we have around us and look at what we have achieved and wonder what is we want to challenge us next.

I am sure at some time or another you have asked yourself these questions “Am I happy?” “What am I doing?” “Where am I going?”

Mental and physical health issues are the number one concern that stop us from achieving true happiness. Any illness or disability can hold us back mentally and physically.  When we have responsibilities of financially supporting our family we are frightened of changing the security that we have built up and scared of challenging ourselves further. As parents we tell our children “you can do anything that you want in life” but forget to follow this rule ourselves as we get older.   Our whole mental attitude and overall health and happiness is fundamental to our life being.

courageWhen we make excuses we stay static and do not move forward and before long we are in the same position as six months ago or last year.    You may ask why do I need to change anything when I am setting myself up to fail – your mindset needs to be POSITIVE – you will not fail. Things may never work out how you plan them and obstacles always get in the way – that’s life not an excuse and you are setting the plan – so change the plan.  We can crustinate as we get older and it is hard to push ourselves out of our comfort zone but this is the first thing that you need to do. You do not have to make massive changes but lifestyle changes that will make a difference to YOU. Make everything realistic and achievable – it’s not a race or a contest.

It is very difficult and takes great inner strength to want to challenge yourself, reinvent yourself and find new ways of living.  Below are a number of suggestions that will help you start thinking in the right direction and make some choices that will better enhance your life for the better however small. At the end of your journey you will be very proud of yourself of what you have accomplished.

Your Local Library

This has been my life saviour and my personal favourite. Your local library or mobile library will offer you a wealth of information and above all its FREE except for printing which they ask for a small charge.  Books, CD’s, magazines, newspapers and computers and weekly seminars are all available.  When you are down or depressed, have no outlook and do not know what to do next then take the time to go and visit your library.  The local government and local businesses run many free seminars that anyone can access.  Once you have joined the library you can receive weekly newsletters that inform you of what’s coming up.  I have attended many of these seminars ranging from essential oils, financial retirement, tax accounting and starting your own hobby or e-commerce business; there are too many too choose from and I am sure you will find something that interests you.

“Reading gives us some place to go – when we have to stay where we are” – Mason Cooley

You will improve and educate your mind at no cost to yourself, meet new people and even join groups that you are interested in and your world will grow. The library also offers Ancestry online and access to computers if you do not have one at home.  So make some time and grab yourself a coffee and spend a few hours at the library. You will not look back.

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”  – Marcus Tullius Cicero

The Internet

This has opened up a whole new life for most us and for others can be scary.  The internet gives us information at our fingertips and everyone is “online” and sometimes you can fell left if you are not on facebook every 10 minutes! Instead of sending Christmas and Birthday cards by post now we only have to go to facebook or click on a website and join for free to send our wishes!computer

Apparently anyone can start an e-commerce site or make your own website now. You can sell anything on Ebay and lots of people make a living from this – so why can’t you.  Starting a business onsite does not have to cost you the earth only your effort and time.

You can acquire new skills on line through TAFE and University courses that are readily available offered through the VET-Fee Help scheme where the government pays your loan whilst you study and you only pay this back once you have reached a certain income.  If you know what course you want make sure that you check different online learning education facilities first because some of them differ in course prices considerably.  The  government will have to bring in legislation soon and cap these courses because some education centre’s can differ in price by over $5,000 for the same course! You may be able to finally do the job that you have always wanted too!

Ebooks are available and are quick and easy to access.  However, consumer’s rights are not easily looked after so do not get caught up with buying the latest get rich scheme  or the new pill that will make you younger overnight!  Unless of course you have the secret receipe!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Communication and Like Minded People

This may be the hardest part to do and ask for help. Sometimes just going to see a counsellor can help you get your mind on track or you might want to seek help from a life coach as a way of reaching your goals. Finding people that have the same interests and like minded people can be difficult to find. Go to your local library, local community boards, local newspapers and the internet will have an array of information and sites to look at.

You may not feel confident in the beginning and may not feel at ease to join a group but I would encourage you to look at setting your goals next to help you make some positive steps.

Good luck!