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When looking at the whole picture of allergies we must first ascertain the source – in my opinion this is easier said than done.  With high risk allergy sufferers from nuts, shellfish, fish, dairy, eggs, soy,  andalicitates and gluten for Coeliacs and lactose the reaction is pretty quick but with other food allergies the reaction in the body can be a lot slower and not as clear. We always go to the food that we have eaten in the last 6 hours but when allergies and inconsistencies appear in and on the body at different times we really need to be more specific to determine the cause for overall long term health. This is when you really need to do investigative work to get through all the symptoms to reach the culprit.

Get Started!

Well done as you have made the first step to get healthier for you and your family.

First of all print off this page, your Food Diary Chart and your Goals sheet. These are all very important and will keep you focused.  I suggest that you buy one of those cheap pin boards 400mm by 600mm that you can display and have everything in one place.

Start by filling out your Goals sheet.  This is very important to your overall

When a client presents themselves for the first time to address their sensitivities and/or allergies we list every thing using the self-help printable guide at the bottom of this page. By first writing down all that you have ingested that day and previous days helps you build a diary and picture of what is going on.  The second and next important factor is to list all of the products that you use on and in your body.  These products will include toothpaste, soaps, deodorant, shampoos, conditioners, face creams and beauty products, skin lotions, nail polish and hairsprays. The list is endless and we have not even looked at the products that we clean our home, use in the bathroom and kitchen or at our work environment. We should look at these products later as these compromise the immune system.

As you write down all your foods and drinks on the list you must make sure that you have included your daily routines of cleaning your teeth and face washing products and the makeup you use daily. Many of your food products unfortunately contain gluten and wheat to bind and emulsify them together; and food additives, colourings and flavourings are also on the hit list of foods that causes many allergies.   Many of our personal products now include a concoction of chemicals and by products that are labelled in such a way that it is very hard to determine. But reading the manufacturer’s label does not necessarily make the process easier.

I have found that many allergies start first from an insensitivity that has built up over time therefore causing the immune system to either fit back or loose.


By going through a process of elimination