20% of UK Adults now take more than 5 drugs a day!

Pills[1]Around 20 % of adults are taking five or more pharmaceuticals a day—but nobody has assessed the side effects and reactions to this chemical cocktail, a leading scientist has warned. Although drug companies have to list possible side effects of individual remedies, they do not assess what the effects could be when several drugs are mixed together, Dr Angela Coulter, senior research scientist at Oxford University, says.  Half of the over-50s are taking at least one drug, and this increases dramatically as we get older. Hospital medical charts now have space for 30 different medications. In the UK, around one billion prescriptions are written annually, which suggests every doctor is issuing 45,000 every year to patients, says Simon Maxwell, professor of pharmacology at Edinburgh University.  This equates to 18 drugs for every person living in the UK, which means that many elderly are taking even more than that each day.

This is a continuing worry when we are taking more and more drugs to alleviate symptoms and without treating the cause. This research was only done on adults.  What would they find if the narrowed their research to young children?  With the ever increasing amount of young children on medication just for asthma alone what does their future look like if we do not address this issue before it gets too late.