Boost your Immune System

Remember PREVENTION is better than the CURE. We should be kick starting our immune system by taking Olive Leaf Extract. This wonderful plant contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties in combating the common cold and flu and any other nasty germs and bugs flying around.  Olive Leaf Extract is also used to lower cholesterol and helps balance the healthy bacteria in the gut.  For many that suffer with allergies I suggest starting on Olive Leaf Extract as early as possible as this helps build the immune system.

Vitamin C is also another anti-oxidant that certainly helps build up the immune system.  This is without a doubt my favourite for the fight against allergies. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables daily and supplement the diet with Vitamin C chewable 500g. We loose Vitamin C quickly through absorption and stress that we go through daily so it is imperative that you keep your levels as high as possible.