Environmental Allergies

imagesZ3U9O9TBWe live in a world that can be very toxic for some.  Many experts say that our bodies are well equipped to deal with these toxins but statistics tell us otherwise.

Two main facts of life is that we eat and we breath. So why do we discount where we live, what we breath and what we come in contact with, when in fact these may be the initial cause of our immune system being compromised.  We need to look closely at our environment and our best defence is to minimise these effects at all costs. However, this is easier said than done and not always practical but there are number of steps that you can take to prevent allergies from ruining your life otherwise your immune and digestion system will be on high alert and will always need constant attention.

The many list of symptoms below can affect you at different times of your life  as a direct result of an allergic reaction to the environment around you:

Sneezing   Itchy & Watery Eyes   Redness in Eyes   Coughing  Wheezing   Nasal Congestion    Hives   Itchy Skin   Runny Nose    Scratchy & Soar Throat    Fatigue     Stomach Ache    Irritability   Rhinitis   Hay Fever    Asthma    Eczema    Headaches    Migraines    Depression    Insomnia    Ear Infections    Food allergies    Food Intolerances   Constant Infections    Colds   Loss of Libido   Anxiety    ADHD & Hyperactivity  Thyroid Problems   Conception Problems   Miscarriage    ME  Cancer   Mood Swings    Multiple Sclerosis    Psoriasis

Electromagnetic Stress

This section comes first on your list of priority as we cannot see it but our bodies are definitely affected by it. If you find that you are getting worse or lots of little illnesses one after the other look no further. I have found many clients who have been unwell for a long period of time and have many different allergies, symptoms and illnesses, then this can be their major cause of their underlining ill health.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us. In our homes EMFs are given off from electrical wiring, microwave ovens, hair dryers, electric blankets, alarm clocks, sewing machines, TV’s, gaming devices, computers and mobile phones. In our workplace, x-ray machines and equipment in  our hospitals surround us in EMFs. Electromagnetic fields reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill tumour cells and they can create problems with cellular growth. The biggest threat is the affect that EMFs have on the central nervous system and the brain.

ComputerphoneThe World Health Organisation lists this on their website as “ongoing research still needs to be carried out into the LONG TERM health risks and the impact on us hormonally and biologically as the short term research is inconclusive”.  Symptoms according to their research states that there was an increase in headaches, anxiety, depression, suicide, nausea, fatigue and loss of libido but there may be other factors involved. We know for a fact that living near power stations or mobile phone masts and large power lines can be detrimental to our health.  I do not believe that you have to wait for research to be done to find out what is safe or not as you can use your kinesiology to test.

Many years ago one client was not getting better and did not sleep very well and always woke with a headache even though she was doing all the right adjustments to her lifestyle. One day I decided to test her at her house. I tested three different muscles tests in every part of the house.  When we tested in her bedroom every muscle test was completely turning off except in one corner of the room. It turned out that the main electrical supply was directly running up the wall where she slept against along with her alarm clock and mobile phone was recharging!  We moved the bed into the corner of the room and within a week she was sleeping  a lot better and did not have a headache when she woke up.  Another client had the same problem with her three children.  We muscle tested and we moved the beds around in each of the rooms and this made all the difference to the children.

housegeopathicGeopathic Stress

Second on your list of priority is Geopathic Stress which is the disturbance of the earths magnetic field. Underground streams, sewer pipes, water pipes, electricity, underground tunnels, different mineral formations, ley lines and geological faults disturb the earth’s natural resonance causing stresses directly underneath us.  For most people this is not a problem but for many can cause stresses above ground especially in your home causing health issues.

When geopathic stress and electromagnetic stress are in the same vicinity this can double the stress effects on your body. If you wake up feeling worse in the mornings or you have a feeling that something is not quite right with your home or you become not well after moving to your new home then geopathic and electromagnetic stress may be involved.

I would like to point out that animals are particularly sensitive to geopathic and electromagnetic stress.  Dogs and horses instantly know where there is geopathic stress and are unsettled and will not sleep in these areas.  However bees, wasps, snakes and cats do. Cats are a little bit harder to understand as some like geopathic stress as this can resonate a heat effect and cats love warm places to sleep but also some cats are more susceptible and will not sleep in a geopathic stressed area.

You can use Kinesiology to find out if your house or workplace is affected by EMFs and geopathic stress and here are a number of ways to help clear them:

  1. Some houses are much worse than others and moving is your only option but not always practical. Having your house cleared either by dowsing or Feng Shui can be where to start.crystals
  2. You can buy different types of Earth Resonance Generators that will help minimise the stresses above ground. They come in all shapes and sizes and prices.
  3. Crystals around the home will protect and absorb : Amazonite, Green Aventurine and Black Tourmaline are known for there protection against microwaves, phones, cell phones and all EMFs. Black Tourmaline with Quartz will protect as well as healing. Smoky Quartz will block geopathic and EMFs.

Environmental Toxins – Inhalation

The air that we breath is something that we cannot physically see and gets ignored but we may smell sometimes. Some clients live out in the country where agricultural farms use pesticides constantly. Built up areas of industrial, manufacturing and chemical plants pollute our atmosphere affecting the earth’s ozone. These all carry the inherent risk of toxins airborne being absorbed and affecting our health.

cigarettsInhalation – Smoke

Smoking cigarettes and other recreational drugs dramatically affects your health. Many young children  are particularly vulnerable as their lungs have not fully developed. It has been proven that smoking around babies and young children diminishes the capacity of their lungs and compromises the immune system causing breathing problems and allergies later on in life. Teenagers who experiment too early with cigarettes and drugs suffer serious problems to their respiratory, immune and hormone systems. Try not to be around people that smoke and particularly protect your babies and young children from spending long periods of time with people that smoke.

Wood burning stoves and fireplaces are lovely in the winter months but because the smoke decreases the air quality especially in a small living room, this can restrict the airways for asthma sufferers and lead to an attack.

Pollen, Bites & Stings

Pollen from grasses, trees, shrubs, plants and flowers are a major cause of Hay fever, Rhinitis and Asthma all year round. When Spring comes into play pollen rises and of course we open our windows to let the fresh air in after being locked up all winter but this exposes us to airborne allergens. When your eyes start itching and your nose starts sneezing this is the response by the immune system releasing histamine. Very quickly your body is now under threat and you need antihistamines to bring the body back to normal. Without know it some people have an intolerance to histamine called Mast-Cell Activation Disorder (MSAD). Many over the counter antihistamine drugs c can quickly alleviate symptoms but these can have side effects one of which is not treating the cause of the allergy to begin with or cause drowsiness, depression and lethargy. The importance of treating allergies is through prevention gradually over time eating the right foods and supplementation so that you get the most of all the essential nutrients that your body can use to fight these allergies.

Certain foods contain small quantities of histamine like fermented foods and beverages as in Sake, beer and wine, spoiled fish, yeasts and moulds in dairy, coffee and fizzy drinks. Avoiding these foods and drinks will help.

Here are a few very powerful natural antihistamines:

  • Vitamin C Powder -mix with water to give immediate relief of symptoms. The powder is free of any toxins and easy to mix up and quickly absorbed which is what you want to get into your immune system instantly. Experts recommend taking 2g a day extra and 1g as maintenance. Vitamin C should be spread out over the day and do not take all in one go as the body only uses what it needs instantly and the rest is discarded. Cherries, berries, Kiwi fruit, oranges, broccoli and peppers all contain vitamin C.
  • Stinging Nettle – A common herb in natural medicine and a natural antihistamine. Stinging nettle can be found at most health food stores. You will need to take about 300 mg each day.
  • Quercetin – is a natural antioxidant found in onions, garlic, apples, grapefruit, okra, spirulina and kelp. Add these foods into your diet.

Here is a list of antihistamine foods that will help if you eat regularly and when an attack is imminent:

Apples   Broccoli   Black Cumin Seeds   Black Rice Bran   Capers   Chamomile   Garlic   Ginger   Grapefruit   Holy Basil    Lotus Root   Mangosteens   Moringa   Mung Bean Sprouts   Nettles   Okra   Onions   Pea Sprouts   Peaches    Peppermint   Pomegranate   Tarragon   Thai Ginger   Thyme   Turmeric   Watercress   Yellow Capsicum

Remember that these foods are best eaten fresh without any processing or preserved in any vinegar or salts.

Depending on where you live or the weather conditions can highten your allergy.  Shower as soon as you have been outside as this can lessen the carrying of antigens into the home. The best course is avoidance but this is not always convenient so build up your immune and digestion system with my suggested supplements available on my website and over time these allergies will become less frequent and less severe.pollenbees

Bites and stings happen and really there is not a lot you can do once bitten.  Prevention is better than the cure so boosting your immune system is your long term goal to aid against further allergies. When you go outside you can spray yourself and clothes with Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil to keep any unwanted visitors away.

Insect Bite Relief – Cut a piece of onion and place immediately on a sting or insect bite for first aid. Or if you have baking soda then mix this with a little water to make a paste and put on the sting. You can also use this for sunburn but I particularly like using plain yoghurt as this instantly cools the area. Seek medical attention if required.


Our furry little friends are part of the family but can become one of the causes.  Regardless of the length of fur on cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses and farm animals,  you will always need to wash your hands after petting and check your clothes and shower if necessary. If you can keep your pets outside this would be better for everyone in the long run.

Home Sweet Home

Our home can be one of our most unhealthiest environments and can be the start of our allergies! The minute we are born and brought home our immune system is being bombarded with allergens from food and the environment around us.  So it is important to make our home as allergy free as possible.

I believe the first 7 years of a child’s life is the most important time for building up their immune system. During this time the body is building up immunity and antibodies from the foods and the environment that surround us.  It is important to have a really good varied nutritional diet with as much less processed foods as possible looking at the intake of dairy and gluten foods particularly.healthyhome

I have seen many babies and children given antibiotics for various reasons at a very early age and for a long period of time.  Eventually once the mother has adjusted their diet  and looked at their environment as well, many positive changes happen without the need for further antibiotics.  Most importantly Kinesiology takes the guess work out of the equation and helps you decide what is right for your body.

If your house was built before 1990 then it is very likely that Asbestos will be somewhere in your home. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is extremely durable and resistant to fire and used in a number of commercial and industrial products ie. roofing tiles, floor tiles, ceiling products, cement compounds, textile products and automotive parts.  Unfortunately when renovating a house and these fibers are disturbed and inhaled can cause serious lung conditions sometimes resulting in the patient dying or they are left with serious breathing problems. Asbestos was  banned by the Government in 2004 and no product could be imported or used since then.

Paint in the home has dramatically changed for the better. Many toxic chemicals including lead was used for  many years In Australia but today’s paint has less fumes and far less toxic altogether.  Modern construction and building practices, using improved materials have become more ecofriendly — hooray!

dustmitesDust – every mother’s nightmare and a major cause of all allergies hiding in curtains and furnishings, carpets and bedding. Our beds and soft furnishings can hold lots of little dust mites, pet dander and mould spores and it is reported that 80% of asthmatic attacks are started here.

The dust mites do not bite but feed off our dead skin and it is their faecal discharge that comes in contact with our skin causing an allergic reaction. You will need to keep the dust in the home to a minimum by not having the windows open and use air conditioning to filter the air.  Wash your bedding regularly and add Eucalyptus Oil to your washing and spray everything around the home. Cover your pillows and mattress with a micro-porous material that is latex free and waterproof for children. These mites love cuddly toys and blankets and our hot weather and humidity so your allergies that start in spring may not always be caused by the pollen count!

It is reported that our carpets hold 100 times more allergens than traditional wood floors. So living in Queensland makes allergy sense tiling our best option but the new bamboo wood flooring is proving to be another safer alternative and more environmentally friendly all round than other flooring.

Mould spores grow in damp and wet environments, not just in bathrooms and kitchens, walls and ceilings but in basements and out in the garden.  Always check regularly your fridges and freezers, dishwashers and washingmouldspores machines, rubber mattresses and pillows, soft furnishings, under sinks for dampness, shower trays and cracks in tiles, closets with no air flow and air conditioners. These spores are probably the most life threatening conditions in our home. Queenslanders are lovely to look at but hold a lot of breading grounds when it is humid for mould to settle in the wood.

Outside the home you will have to be careful in greenhouses, farms, flower shops and antique shops and shower as soon as possible so that you do not carry any spores into your home. Many paints now contain mould resistance chemicals that are hypo-allergenic. Dehumidifiers are a good way to clean the air of dust and mould spores. An old wives tale is that if an onion is peeled and left in an area where mould or bacteria can be present this will start to turn black within 24 hours! You can always check your fridge for bacteria as well.


I absolutely hate these critters. They find there way in any where so seal up any cracks or gaps in your walls as this is the most likely place for them to enter their home and start living as they are just looking for food, water and warmth.  I noticed after my house was rendered we had no more visitors! Keep all loose food packed away in containers and keep the kitchen and table tops clear of any crumbs. They also like moisture so keep your sinks and bathrooms dry as possible. Clear rubbish and food scraps regularly. Cockroaches carry bacteria and their droppings are a major cause of allergies and serious infections.  If you have them in your home,  every morning you will need to disinfect all tops and surfaces to stop contamination of the bacteria getting on your hands and food, until they have been eradicated.


Our homes contain quite a few air fresheners, detergents, cleaning products and outside the home insecticides. WeIrritants all want to keep our homes clean and healthy but not at the cost to our personal health and the environment.  Many contain toxins and chemicals and have become known irritants for many allergy sufferers. Try to do without these if you can or at least keep to a minimum and of course you can always make your own.

Personal Products

Everyday we use toothpaste, deodorants, hairsprays, perfumes, makeup, nail polish, shampoo and conditioners, body wash and body lotions.  Many additives, gluten and lactose are needed to combine the ingredients in these products so it goes without saying to check all these items regularly.   The list below I have prioritised in order of importance for you to check and find alternatives as this category is often overlooked:

  1. Toothpaste – There are a lot of chemicals in toothpaste and when someone is really ill or has toxic overload then change the toothpaste first.  Alternatives can be found in companies like Modere, Tea Tree Plantation or make your own of course.
  2. Deodorants – Since aerosol cans have become popular much research also suggests that this may be the hidden cause and the increase in breast cancer as these contain many chemicals that clog the pores and lymph glands.  Try using the crystal deodorants as a more friendlier alternative.
  3. Shampoo & Conditioners & Hairsprays – There has been a lot of improvement in this market and many companies are producing more organic alternatives using more allergy free ingredients.
  4. Body Washes & Lotions – This market has improved but coconut and other nut derivatives are used a lot in these products so be very careful.
  5. Makeup & Nail polish – Manufacturers have improved enormously over the years and there are a lot of organic products on the market. I would still be wary of the word “Natural” as this is confusing and still hides a lot of sinister chemicals that are indeed natural but you still do not want to put them on your skin!
  6. Perfumes – It is natural to want to wear perfumes so ideally spray on your clothes rather than your skin as these can often cause a rash but also can start a sneezing fit.

If you suffer with psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis or acne a short shower or single bath per day is acceptable. Minimise water on your body if it is chlorinated as this has been found to be an irritant of the skin. Vitamin C showers and water filters will certainly help over the long term. Do not add any bath or shower additives or  any antiseptics to the bath or directly onto the skin. Many people used to be advised to have bleach baths only find that their skin would become inflamed please do not do this under any circumstances. I would also suggest do not use any essential oils that will come in contact with the skin.  Many are ok but because they are so potent they actually cause the immune system to go into an attack response.

Avoid synthetic and woollen clothing against the skin as these can easily irritate and inflame the skin. Use only natural fibres like cotton and bamboo to come in contact with the skin. Clothing made out of cotton and bamboo allow the skin to breath and do not have any other chemicals added to them.


Last but not least is the concern of our love of plastic.  Our food and products from every phase of its life before it ends up in our shopping basket is prepared, processed, packaged and shipped in plastic and there seems no getting  away from it.

More and more research has surrounded the safety of plastics in the food industry and now it seems that Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates have raised some serious health concerns.

It has long been known that there is a risk of transference of plastic called “leaching or migration” into our food known by the chemical industry. They say that these are only small traces and it is inevitable with the amount of plastic that is produced. Heating food in plastic increases the transference as well as food touching fatty, salty and acidic foods. There is still no research that tells us what happens when plastic reaches our bodies. I guess no one is willing to go through this exercise as many manufacturers and producers would have to find other safety measures which costs time and money.

Latex & Zinc

Over the past years Latex and Zinc Oxide have caused many a reaction when using gloves and applying bandages and plasters.  Research and professional bodies are not sure why more and more people are becoming allergic to these but I do believe the answer lies in the immune system and the MODERATION Rule of 80/20.  Straight from birth babies nappies and bottle teats and dummies containing these chemicals  bombard the immune system, along with cow’s milk and immunisation.  The immune system just cannot cope. Children’s clothing is made with elastic and synthetics and their first toys are made from rubber and plastics. Medical equipment is predominately made with rubber and plastic.  Children even have to be careful with birthday balloons as well.

Home Remedies 

  1. Kitchen Disinfectant – Mix 10 drops each of Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil mixed with half a litre of water and use everywhere in the house. Normally I would add white vinegar but you cannot use this on granite, marble and stone surfaces.
  2. Disinfectant everywhere in the house – Use the same but with half a litre of white vinegar for everything like tiles and wood. Spray around bedding and mattress to kill the dust mites.lemons&oils
  3. Pest Control Cockroaches – Mix equal parts of Borax with sugar and place in little containers around the home. The cockroaches are attracted to the sweet smell and once consumed will die from the damage to their digestive system.  Once you have eliminated them in your home seal up any cracks.
  4. Ultimate Cleaner for toilets and sinks – Mix up baking soda and a little water into a paste and then scrub away.
  5. Mix Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential Oils with a little water in a squeezy bottle for an insect repellent.
  6. Home made toothpaste – 5 parts calcium powder and 2 parts baking soda. Mix and keep in a jar. You only need to mix this with a little water to clean your teeth.

You are now well on your way to a Happy and Healthy Home

If you have any tips or remedies that you would love to share, please do.