Water – Number 1 Priority

“Water is the driving force in nature” – Leonardo de Vinci 

Although Water is listed last in this category this is by no means the lest in your hierarchy of priorities.  With allergies, intolerances, asthma, eczema, skin irritations and any other health conditions for that mater, the water that you put in and on your body needs to be pure, free from chemicals and neutrally based. 

Our whole body relies on water for cell production for growth and reproduction, hydration and dehydration, metabolism, elimination and transportation of nutrients. Our main concern is addressing how much you drink, how much you actually absorb through natural food and cooking and the affects through your skin from washing and bathing.

images81I25CINWater is the main catalyst in our food chain and this is reflected in our DNA to keep our body at the correct homeostasis; this is when our body functions at its best.  We should treat the value of good clean, pure water with the utmost respect. Water carries toxins for elimination and transports nutrients to the cells for repair and replenishment, cleansing and reducing allergies, intolerances and skin conditions. 

Water has a PH balance of 7.0 – NEUTRAL

anything below is ACIDIC – anything above is ALKALINE

Water is our most common chemical in the human body and essential to all forms of life. It is simply made up of two atoms of hydrogen bonded with one of oxygen, this makes water precious and fundamental to our life being. We can survive without food for a number of weeks but we cannot live without water.

A person weighing 70kg will contain approximately 40 litres of water of which 26 litres are within the cells themselves. The other 14 litres are in the extra cellular cells, of which 3-4 litres are in the blood plasma, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid and the remaining 10-11 litres are found in the tissue fluid. Our bodies are made up of between 50% to 75% water at any one given time. Depending on your age and gender, in adults the range is between 50% – 65% and the average is around 57%.  In infants under the age of 1 the range is much higher of between 75% -78%. After the age of 1 this drops to about 65%. This is why when babies get ill their temperature rises very quickly.

It is very important to keep the body hydrated at all times especially newborn babies and infants as water is essential to regulation of body temperature. When the weather is hot or from over exercising you must hydrate the body as soon as possible to replenish stocks. When you start to feel thirsty you have already lost between 1% – 3% of water.  When your mental performance starts to waiver then dehydration has already kicked in and this leads to body coordination to be unstable.  Even sitting at the computer all day long is dehydrating as we will lose half a litre of water through breathing.  When we are anxious or stressed  i.e. job interview, confrontation or have an argument; dehydration is triggered very quickly as the metabolism increases and drinking just a small glass of water will quickly alleviate and improve the situation.

Is our water really clean and healthy?

watertapMost of us live in cities and have to rely on town water and many of us are starting to question the purity of our drinking water. More and more people are becoming concerned over the amount of chemicals i.e. chlorine, aluminium and fluoride, that are being added. Is there a coincidence that allergies, skin conditions, constipation, cancers, thyroid problems, Type II Diabetes and many of the autoimmune and degenerative diseases i.e. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are on the increase especially in younger adults over the last twenty years?  Is the environment that we live in harmful to our food and water and potentially harming us as well!  Perhaps it is time to take stock and start at the beginning to make some simple changes for the better to give yourself and your family a healthy lifestyle rather than be a statistic. 

Muscle Testing for Dehydration

By using Kinesiology you can test yourself and your family for dehydration. The first video below teaches you the basics of muscle testing which you will need to master first.  The second video shows you how to test for dehydration. Once you start using muscle testing you will find yourself being able to use these techniques and apply these to almost everything to find out the negatives and the positives about what affects your body. You will never look back!    

Let’s start with some tips on water …

  • Do not drink water straight from the tap as residues from the chemicals can still leach through. Water should be boiled water-1187656__180[1]first if you do not filter.
  • Ideally your first drink of the day should be filtered boiled water that has been allowed to cool and then add half of a freshly squeezed lemon.  Lemons will clean and alkaline your body and increase metabolism. 
  • On average drink between 1 to 2 litres of water a day.  When stressed or ill you will need to drink even more.
  • When you have a headache or trouble concentrating then you need to drink more water.
  • If you are feeling hungry then drink water first as water is the highest in the food chain.
  • Other liquids like coffee, tea and fizzy drinks do not count. In fact these actually dehydrate the body and for every cup of coffee you drink then you need 2 cups of water to counteract the water dehydration!!!
  • The liver likes to be kept warm so cold water and drinks especially straight from the fridge shocks the liver to release toxins and is not beneficial. Leave water to stand at room temperature for a little while if being kept in the fridge.
  • Buying lemons in bulk if you cannot grow your own or have a good friendly neighbour nearby who can keep you in good supply. Juice them all and freeze in little ice cubes.  You will have an endless supply and very convenient.
  • Equal parts of water and apple juice or apple cider vinegar mixed together for drinking during the day also increases metabolism for kicking in weight loss and for detoxifying. 
  • Water is alkalising and has a PH of 7 when you have eaten something like beef which is very acidic then drink some water to keep your PH levels balanced.
  • Adding watermelon to water will not only make it taste better especially for children but is an excellent way to alkaline. You can also juice watermelons and freeze them as ice cubes like lemons. You can just pop these into your water drinks all day long neutralising and alkalining your body. The kids will love these
  • When washing any vegetables and fruit put them in water with a teaspoon of vinegar and leave for 5 minutes. This will help destroy any residual chemicals left on your food. Do not rinse and just throw the water away.
  • When boiling any food in water add a teaspoon of vinegar to also destroy any chemical residue left.
  • Water should be kept ideally in glass  and not in plastic as chemicals can leach into your water. 

The next step – Purifying your Water

Before you go spending loads of money on different gadgets I would recommend investing in a Water Filter Jug  first. These jugs help to clear some of the chemicals from your tap water but not all, but your water will taste better and be healthier.  In rural areaswaterjug where you are on bore or tank water you may still have to filter the water for drinking and cooking.  As a precaution I would check the water periodically from these sources using the PH strips and Kinesiology testing as I found in the past high traces of minerals and bacteria can leach through. You can buy these jugs for around $15 – $50 and they hold between 1 – 2 litres.  If you are catering for a family then you might be better suited to buy a table top water filter that starts from around $50 and usually holds about 5 litres or more. Some are plugged in so will keep your water cold but not as cold as the fridge but still filters the chemicals. I brought one recently out of Kmart for $55 and it is excellent.

imagesPXQIA8IFInvesting in a filtration system that purifies and cleanses your water before it reaches you would be beneficial in the long term.  Many children and adults have noticed a remarkable decrease in their symptoms and skin condition especially eczema once they start using these systems. There are a number of different brands on the market with varying prices to meet everyone’s price budget starting from small relocatable purifiers that sit attached to the sink, to under the sink and attached to the mains and for the more heavy duty ones for tank water use.

With skin conditions and allergies another step further to go is by investing in a new shower head that purifies and cleanses the water before it reaches your body.  The new Vitamin C showers on the market improve the quality of your tap water before it reaches your body thus eliminating some of the harmful chemicals such as chlorine from reaching your skin.  You can test the quality and PH balance of the water using the PH testing strips and you will see that the chlorine is reduced by the Vitamin C.  Depending on where you live and the town water that you use will vary.  The showers do not completely remove all the chemicals from the water before it reaches your body, you would need to install a complete water filtration system to eradicate 99% of harmful chemicals but they certainly can reduce the impact of chemicals on the skin immediately at a lower cost. 

ASEA – Redox Signaling Molecules 

This is an exciting product that is relatively new to Australia.  As more medical research is carried out we are given the opportunity to improve our health at the cellular level. ASEA can give you that missing connection after years of ill health, stress and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Redox signalling molecules are produced within every cell in your body and these act either on the cellular messengers or cellular activators.  The activator molecules carry the messages that tell your cells to activate antioxidants stored in your body.  Antioxidants keep oxidative free radicals in check and prevent them from causing other cellular damage. Antioxidants are the chemicals that occur naturally and man-made through ingestion of food but they do not work effectively unless they are activated by redox signalling molecules. This product  will help you activate your body’s immune system and protect you against infection, viruses and bacteria and of course premature ageing of the body which free radicals strive on. ASEA have developed this technology that replicates these naturally occurring molecules. For more information go to ASEA on http://cashflowcreation.teamasea.com

th[3]So now that we understand some crucial fundamentals about our water we should not take if for granted.  Test the water from the tap, filter jugs, bottled water, filtration systems and shower water for any imbalances periodically so that you know that it is PH neutral and free from as many toxins as possible.  Water testing especially for children and adults with allergies like asthma and eczema and other skin conditions will help you in your battle to alleviate and eventually eliminate these conditions. Overall you and your family will see the differences from just changing your view and understanding the significance of water.

Good luck !