What can one say except that the thyroid is probably the most over worked gland in the body along with thethyroid adrenals of the endocrine system.  Everything in your body must be working properly and be maintained and no part is more important than the other except it is the role of the thyroid that controls the body’s metabolism.  The health and functioning of the liver, adrenal glands, immune system, the reproductive system and the digestive system all affect the performance and capability of the thyroid gland.

When our hormones go out of balance our fat burning and fat storing hormones wreck havoc on our body and we start to feel tired and listless, become deficient in precious  minerals which gives us achy and painful joints, feel miserable and anxious, allergies flare up and we start to gain weight!  The more stressed and depressed you are the more your allergies become unstable and all point to your thyroid needing extra support. Below are just a few symptoms and problems that you may be experiencing when the thyroid is under pressure:

Insomnia     Dry & scaly skin     Hair loss      Thinning Eyebrows & Eyelashes    Tiredness    Constipation     Miscarriage     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome     Oedema     Muscular & Skeletal pain      Depression   Memory Fatigue      Chronic Fatigue      Fingernails     Menstrual Problems   Stress             Weigh Gain    Slow Pulse Rate     High Cholesterol Levels      Feel cold even when it is hot     Deficiency in Calcium, Potassium, Iodine & other precious minerals    Blood Pressure High   Diabetes    Rheumatoid Arthritis   Osteoporosis   Overwhelmed

With the constant exposure to toxins in the environment and excess amount of estrogens found in plastic containers and bottles, genetically modified foods and lack of nutrients in our food; the thyroid is constantly under attack and needs beyond the normal level of support.  Eating green vegetables used to give us our daily intake of iodine as well as other minerals but our soil is deficient and the measure of minerals coming through to our food is getting less and less. All through our life it is vital to maintain a healthy nutritional diet to put us in good stead for facing the hormonal years ahead.

The Importance of Proper Thyroid Functioncoconut oil

The thyroid is responsible for manufacturing hormones: T1, T2, T3 and T4 (also know as Thyroxin). T1  contains one molecule, T2 two molecules, T3 three molecules and T4 contains 4 molecules of the essential mineral Iodine that help control our metabolic rate which assists food and oxygen to produce energy for growth, exercise and support stress levels. T1 and T2 according to research play a minor role in the activity of the thyroid and it is T3 and T4 in the ratio of 20% to 80% respectively that are more essential and in fact T3 is much stronger than T4 when in action. 

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and have been told by your doctor that your blood test is normal then you need to ask for your actual results.  The ranges that the tests are done are interpreted differently by doctors, endocrinologists, laboratories and even health authorities in different countries. However I have followed the rule of thumb that if you have at least 4 of the symptoms above and when you test  the thyroid using Kinesiology and the indicator is turned off – then you have a thyroid that needs help. The blood test will only give you results that your thyroid is clinically dysfunctional, not under pressure and you need to help your thyroid before it is too late. The Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is used to gauge how the thyroid is functioning. However TSH may not be the best way to determine the function of the thyroid gland as this is produced by the pituitary gland and controls the thyroid gland.  These results can be misleading as there may be other factors involved and more extensive blood tests need to be done to actually attain a proper outlook of your health.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Thyroxin decreases and diminishes the function of the thyroid further instead of helping the thyroid to recover. If you are taking these conventional medicines and still feel lousy or want to come off these then help is at hand by using your diet and nutritional supplementation.salmon

How to help the Thyroid

Thyroid problems are very common especially in women and treatable long before they become serious so do not rely on your blood tests to wait to do anything. Hormone fluctuations through teenage years, pregnancy, menstrual cycles and menopause constantly test the body so lets help the thyroid by starting with the following:

1. Digestion System – Priority to Fix First

  1. Gluten is one of the biggest problems for the thyroid as it triggers the immune system to produce antibodies that attack your own organs and tissues causing autoimmune diseases. Cut down on gluten.
  2. Dairy works the same as gluten causing inflammation in the body so cut down on your intake and only eat eggs and yoghurt for your iodine uptake but if dairy is already a problem for you then look at other foods to give you iodine.
  3. Sugar  is the root of all evil so try to cut down on all processed sugar in your food and look at alternatives to give you the sweetness i.e. honey, stevia and xylitol.
  4. Do not go overboard on cabbage, cauliflower, kale, broccoli and Brussels and do not eat raw. These vegetables can inhibit the absorption of iodine.
  5. Keep away from peanuts and soy.advocadoil
  6. Foods rich in iodine – all fish especially salmon and tuna, seaweed/kelp and sushi, eggs, yoghurt, onions and garlic, iodised salt or Himalayan crystal salt which has the highest amount of iodine in.
  7. Keep away from processed oils like vegetable, sunflower and canola oil and use only good fats – Macadamia Oil, Avocado oil and Coconut oil for flavourings and cooking. These are much better for you and when they are heated they are more stable and do not loose their benefits or change into trans fatty acid.
  8. Smoking, alcohol and caffeine all raise our metabolic rate so cut down on these toxins.
  9. Probiotics and enzymes will stabilise the stomach and neutralise excess acid.

A functioning thyroid gland helps B12 absorb, so people who have B12 injections definitely need help with their thyroid.  Stores of B12 deplete over time and not always noticeable until too late. Taking a B12 supplement in the short term will help but you really need a complete B-Complex to help absorb along with Vitamin C in the long term.  The main enemies of the B vitamins are PH balance is too acidic or too high alkalinity, too much water (yes certainly in one go), alcohol, oestrogen and sleeping pills destroy this vitamin. Vegetarian’s will always need extra B’s in their diet if they do not eat eggs and dairy products.

2. The Immune System & Liver

Prevention is your main goal to build up your immune system. We do this by controlling the amount of allergens and heavy metal toxins from entering our body from our food and the environment, as these interfere greatly with the function of the thyroid. The liver will be working overtime but if you carefully change the diet to eat the right foods the digestion system will provide added support. Taking extra nutritional supplementation will help against allergies and illnesses developing any further.

STRESS is our greatest enemy and I know its not easy but this is one aspect that your whole body is susceptible too. We all have stress but we have to find ways to get it under control in ways that you can relieve stress from taking over your life and threatening your health.

3. Nutrition

The list below embraces all the nutrients that the thyroid, liver, digestion and immune system needs for support.

  • Vitamin C for absorption
  • Spiralina contains iodine from Kelp and it is prescribed in this multivitamin with extra enzymes. Iodine is one supplement that I do not normally recommend taking on its own because of its origin of processing and the thyroid only likes naturally derived iodine but it is ok to take in Spiralina.
  • Protein powder will provide your with the amino acid Tyrosine to help make thyroid hormones.
  • Calcium Complete will support the thyroid with extra mineral supplements with calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese and zinc, selenium and Vitamin D and K2 and copper and boron.
  • Vitamin B Complex long term and adding B12 in the short term will help the thyroid.

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