Liver & Detox

If your allergies are so bad then detoxing the liver will make you feel even worse. Allergies and food intolerances put a lot of strain on the digestive system, the small and large intestine, the immune system and the liver.  Detoxing at a slow rate will give time for your liver to re-cooperate and help your body recover and begin the fight against allergies.

Anatomy_Abdomen_TiesworksDetox the Liver and Detox your Allergies  and you will eventually feel energised, slimmer and above all healthier all round. Starting with a detox will give all your body systems a much needed cleanse especially your liver.  The liver is the largest organ in the body and has many functions including the manufacture of essential proteins and metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. The most important function is to sieve through all the chemicals and toxins by absorbing all the substances that accumulate from food, drugs and the environment and alters their chemical structure to turn them into a water soluble substance and excrete the end product called bile.  With many allergy sufferers the liver is known to be overworked and not functioning to its full potential.

The liver is constantly clearing toxins in the blood.  High levels of toxicity impacts the liver and many sufferers introduce more chemicals through digestion of the wrong foods or drugs and end up on a merry go round. Going back to the basics of eating the right foods and maintaining eating habits that balance out your diet will soon bring your body and liver to operating at its peak. Some allergies are in our DNA and by following certain rules your body can adjust and become much more stronger in its defence of allergies and sensitivities that should become less frequent and less severe and a thing of the past.humanliver

Are you Toxic?

Most of us are at any given time but it is the liver that puts us right again.  First of all these toxins are divided into two categories – External and Internal :

  • External – Environmental toxins include metals, chemicals, hormones, bacterial and microbial toxins that are present in the air, water and food that we consume. 
  • Internal – Endogenous toxins that are made in your body by hormones and other chemicals that are produced in your body, and chemicals produced by bugs in your digestive system which then enter into your bloodstream.

Once these toxins are in the blood then the liver has to reduce them to an acceptable level and the excess are stored in fat tissue around the body. These poisons are stored for many years becoming an ongoing source of ill health. With your continued exposure to these toxins over time the liver may result in the following symptoms :

Abdominal bloating   Excessive fat   Acid Reflux  Heartburn   Dark spots on the skin   Unexplained weight gain   Constipation  Cannot lose weight   Trouble digesting fatty foods   Gallbladder removed   High blood pressure   Acne   Mood swings

First steps before Detoxing the Liver

We must support it first and we do this in 3 easy steps:

1. Drink plenty of pure filtered water. Drink 3 glasses a day, one each before your meal with half a freshly squeezed lemon in warm water. 

2. The digestive system needs support by taking vitamin C, a multi-vitamin and/or digestive enzymes.

3. You will need to introduce a probiotic to increase friendly bacteria into the system which helps purge bad bacteria. Aloe Vera juice is also a good aid for the digestion system and also repairs any damage that has been done to the stomach lining.

These 3 steps should be started about 4 – 6 weeks before you actually start your detox.  You may also experience a number of changes in your body and side effects – headaches, nausea and bowel changes. Generally these are short term and will resolve themselves. You should seek medical advice from your Doctor if you have any concerns, medical issues or on medication or if you are pregnant. 

Bowel Movements

Changes in your bowel are normally immediately.  A lot of people do not have proper bowel movements – you should have at least one movement a day if not two and if you do not then you are suffering from constipation. What goes in the body must come out.  Your body releases toxins through the lungs, skin and the bowels. Without the bowels functioning properly you become bloated, tired, gassy and weight is hard to shift. The first thing to do is drink plenty of water.  Water will unclog and make it easier to pass bowel movements. 

10 Steps to Detox your Liver

  1. Water is your number one friend.  Try to keep to room temperature filtered water as much as possible as the liver likes to be kept warm and drink between 1 to 2  litres per day.  Warm water with half a squeezed lemon should be your first drink of the day.  Lemon alkalines your body.              
  2. Start to cut down slowly on processed drinks ie: tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, colas, pepsi and alcohol.  These all have a massive amount of toxins in and the diet ones are the worse! If you cut these out straight away these can shock the liver and this will encourage more toxins to be released and undoubtedly leave you feeling ill.  So gradually cut out one of these drinks a day for a more long term positive approach. Replace with water, lemon and water, protein drinks and healthy smoothies.
  3. Using your blood type as a guide start to look at all the foods in the columns and start to eliminate that ones that are in the “Avoid” section first.  For snacking during the day every morning cut up your favourite veggies and keep them ready when you feel hungry.  Water is also a food so go for water first as sometimes we think we are hungry but really we are images81I25CINdehydrated!
  4. Cut down on processed, convenience foods and sugar and salt.  Ultimately elimination of these foods should be your priority but look at your diet overall and see where you can slowly change these foods over to more healthy choices. Instead of processed sugar use raw honey.
  5. Additives in foods and chemicals that go into our body ie: deoderants, body sprays, toothpaste, hairsprays, shampoos, face cleansers, makeup etc. should not be overlooked.  This area gets completely missed but start to go through all your products and check out the nasties in them!  
  6. Salicylates are another major concern for the liver because of the chemical changes going through your body when the levels are too high. Check out the chart and see what foods are a problem for you.
  7. Gluten and wheat in the diet makes the digestion system work harder and can be the culprit of all allergies starting in the first place.  Replace white processed bread with gluten free alternatives such as wraps, crispbreads and rice crackers. 
  8. Lactose found in dairy products is also another major concern. Cut down on cows milk or change completely to goats milk, almond milk, soya milk and coconut milk for a better alternative.
  9. The PH Balancing chart will help you define your diet over time keeping your body at the correct acid and alkaline ratio.
  10. Last but not least is supplementing with extra nutrition. Just by adding into the diet Vitamin C, a good mineral and vitamin combination will boost your immune system and Digestive Enzymes will support the digestion system and any supplement that supports the liver and the rest of your body to help you combat everyday life and stresses and maintaining a healthy body.

Did you know …

for every cup of tea you drink you should drink 1 cup of water to counteract the toxins

and for every cup of coffee you drink you should drink 2 cups of water.

The simplest changes can be the most beneficial and the key is to gently work your way through the steps without jolting the liver into a full blown detox which will make you undoubtedly feel worse and may even cause a reaction or bring on an allergy attack!!! 

Checkout your nutritional requirements to help you get started and I recommend a number of books “The Liver Cleanse Diet” by Sandra Cabolt and “The Chemical Maze” by Bill Statham”.  These make excellent reading to help you on your way.

Love your Liver!