Candidiasis is a fungal infection that causes massive problems for our digestive and immune system. Babies and young children, men and women can all suffer at one time from infections to the mouth, ears, nose, toenails, fingernails and gastric upsets and this is due mainly in part to a yeast infection overgrowth.  There are over 20 different types of candida yeasts but Candida Albicans is the most common found in humans. In extreme cases of candidiasis the only true way of eliminating the infection from your body is to stop eating foods like sugar, white flour, yeast and alcohol that encourage the fungus to live and multiply.  A strict Candida Diet is required to kill off the abundance of yeast infection first before getting back to a naturally balanced diet for the long term control.

CheesewineThe bad news is that we all have candida in our body and generally the candida population is kept under control by the body’s own ‘friendly” bacteria but when it becomes over populated by “bad bacteria” then it manifests itself into a much larger problem.     The downside of candidiasis is that it destroys white blood cells and mostly flourishes in the bowel and for this reason alone is why allergy sufferers should keep this under control. The effects of candidiasis are – fatigue, overweight, depression, joint pain, headaches, bloated stomach, gas, constipation, skin breakouts, irritations, allergies and diabetes. The most common side affect is impaired brain function! I am sure most of us would then fall into this category at one time or another!!!

There are many reasons why candidiasis starts to multiply and grow :

    • Hormones – Any imbalance in the Endocrine system triggers the start of candida.  In children as young as 6, when hormones start developing, can bring on an attack of thrush and tummy upsets. Teenagers especially can be prone to candidiasis as they go through puberty and the pressures of school, exams, bullying and social media.  Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial as this also reduces any mental health issues.
    • In women the monthly cycle and menopause all cause the system to be constantly stressed especially the Thyroid Gland. Many skin conditions like acne in teenagers clear up once you have the candida under control.
    • Drugs & Medicines – Many antibiotics, prescription drugs and oral contraception irritate the digestion process leading on to our “good bacteria” being overtaken by the “bad bacteria”. Babies and young children will often get a tummy ache after being on a course of antibiotics.  Many corticosteroid inhalants for treating asthma are another major cause. Whilst taking antibiotics it is wise to increase the good bacteria by eating plenty of good natural yoghurt or take a probiotic to help restore the balance.
    • Environmental Moulds & Chemicals – All around us are airborne moulds and in living in our Tropical climate can have its downsides as well. Mould Peanuts are also prone to carry its own mould.
    • Tap Water, Toxic Metals & Food Chemicals – This area can be forgotten but clearly needs to be addressed so that our good bacteria can flourish! Drink plenty of good clean water especially filtered.
  • Diet & lifestyle – This goes without saying that these two work hand in hand. Too much sugar in the diet, fizzy drinks, processed foods, alcohol, smoking, stress and not enough exercise all contribute in the wrong way. After a candida elimination diet will help you maintain a healthy alkaline balance in the digestion system will take the priority off the immune and endocrine systems.

Dietary Requirements for Treating Candidiasis

The only way of treating the candida overgrowth is by cutting out the source that feeds it – SUGAR.   You may quickly ask yourself that you do not add sugar to your diet and go merrily on your way. But it is not so much all the processed sugars that go into the body via pastries, breads, cakes and fruit but more to do with the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars in the body.  This means all fruit, certain vegetables that have a high sugar content as in carrots, milk, ice cream, fermenting foods like cheese, wine and beer and foods that already have a mould environment as in peanuts, mushrooms and grains.  When you really look at all the foods that increase the candida overgrowth then there is a lot of elimination to do!

Before you jump in and start eliminating foods the last thing that you want to do is cause another toxic overload.  The candida infection itself can consist of over 80 different types of toxins and if you start releasing these into your blood stream your immune system will not be able to cope. I highly recommend starting with cleansing the Liver and Colon first.  The liver has to be able to cope with clearing the toxic environment and the colon where most of the infection will be stuck,  will need to be unclogged of any undigested matter. A slow process of eliminating toxins from the body is the best way resulting in not too many uncomfortable side effects i.e. flu like symptoms, headaches, constipation, allergies and skin breakouts. Sandra Cabolt’s Liver Cleanse is ideal or if you want a more simple approach then the following will help:

    • Half a squeezed lemon or lime in 8ozs of water 3 x a day
    • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil 3 x a day
    • Digestive Enzymes and/or probiotics to be taken as directed
  • 1 litre of water a day

These four treatments will help you start your self treatment and will not be so harsh on your liver, digestion and immune system if you just carry on eating your normal foods for a while.  You will slowly interfere with the sugar process uptake in the body causing a slow “die-off” of the candida. You can increase the volume above and adjust as to the symptoms that you are receiving. You will know when your liver is starting to detox as usually you get a headache or flu-like symptoms.  Sometimes it is best to stop for a day or two to give your body time to adjust and then start again.  After about a week to 10 days then start with your food elimination process.

The best foods to keep candida under control are : 

Yoghurt    Garlic    Onions    Ginger   Pumpkin Seeds    Cayenne Pepper   Lemon & Lime in Water   Coconut Oil   Turmeric   Watermelon

Nutritional supplements especially the minerals – calcium, magnesium, potassium and selenium will help support the hormones; probiotics and digestive enzymes will help support the digestion system.  Sometimes putting live yoghurt on an area affected by thrush or on the skin topically instantly relieves the itching. Use your pH testing strips to constantly check as you will be more acidic making the environment unfriendly and candida spores thrive and regrow.

Kinesiology Muscle Test for Candida

You will need to test a SIM first so that you are in the clear and the finger mode for candida is shown here.  You are testing the middle finger touching the middle of the distal phalanx of the thumb. If this muscle tests weak than you have an overgrowth of candida. If the muscle test does not change then you have the candida in the body under control. The key is too keep testing regularly to alert you of any changes in your body and you can then be proactive in addressing this issue. In women especially around their monthly cycle can cause the fungus to grow and having a bloated stomach may be your first indication.