Blood Type or Group


Blood is that sticky red fluid that is circulated around our bodies and its main function is to act as the body’s transport system as well as its defence against infection and disease. 

The connection between our blood type, allergies and nutrition has long been realised as a link to our overall health. We can achieve a positive healthy body by recognising certain foods that are good for us and foods we should avoid. Within our blood type these foods maintain the immune system and fight against food intolerances, allergies and disease. Blood

 “You are what you eat”

Minor changes in your eating habits can lead to major changes in your health.  What you eat today determines your quality of health, immunity and your longevity.  Food is both our ally and can be our enemy and the key to a pain free and long and happy life. Today, more than ever we are faced with chronic illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, MS, chronic fatigue, candida, heart disease, auto-immune diseases and of course cancer…the list is endless. Food allergies and intolerances are directly linked and on the increase.  Our population is growing along with these ailments  but the alarming factor is that this trend is also increasing in our younger generation.  There are many factors that attribute to these overall causes such as lifestyle, exercise, environment, chemicals, genetic inheritance but what we are most in control of is our daily nutritional intake and the way that foods affect our body. 

  One man’s food is another man’s poison”

This is where your blood type can play a major part in the foods that your body accepts or dislikes and help you unravel why some foods only suit certain people.  Many scientific studies have been carried out over the years detailing the impact of foods on one person to another and certain diseases that adversely affect more of the population or one blood group than another. We can educate ourselves to have a better understanding of our blood type and determine the foods to eat to encourage a healthy body. By using Kinesiology and listening to our body we can choose to eliminate the foods that are detrimental to us and impare the immune system and only eat the foods that enhance our wellbeing.

FoodpyramidOur blood is divided up into four groups – Type O is the most common followed by Type A, Type B and Type AB. These classifications are typed by the different marker proteins on the surface of red blood cells called antigens.  These antigens affect the ability of the red blood cells to provoke an immune response. Therefore essential when determining foods to aid the body and maintain balance for allergies and intolerances.

Lastly, it is important to remember that your maternal mother, father and grandparent’s blood group play a large  part of your genetics and therefore taking their blood type into account will help you safely organise your diet further by looking at their blood groups if they are different from yours.

Go to the Blood Group Charts to reveal the foods that are beneficial and foods to avoid.  In the neutral group keep in mind that some foods may not be a problem until you have over loaded and then this can upset the balance.