Allergy – Intolerance – Sensitivity

stop allergiesEveryone you talk to nowadays have either an allergy, intolerance or sensitivity of some kind from either a food, chemical product or the effects of the environment that we live in. Our present and future children will have systemically more allergies and related health problems than previous generations – making everyone’s  lives a misery.

Since the war we have seen many changes in medicine and science and the greatest shift in access to information and the internet. Technology, electronics, personal products and commodities and above all our food and diet are now in abundance and at our fingertips. The world is our oyster!

However, our lives have got busier and we struggle to fit everything in and I believe we are more stressed now than ever before even though we have more gadgets for our convenience than we did 20 years ago!

The world population has gone from 2.5 billion in 1950 and grown to just under 7 billion in 2015.  The consumer industry of farming, fisheries, dairy produce and all other food manufacture has grown on massive proportions to keep up with demand. We no longer have to wait to buy a vegetable that is in season for only 3 months of the yearareoplane as now you can buy it all year round!! The farming industry has changed considerably with the heavy use of pesticides  and hormone chemicals for animal production. The introduction of Genetically Modified foods, additives and preservatives leaving very little nutritional value in our food. Have our bodies paid the price for profit and quality?

Latest research have confirmed that since the use of pesticides. other chemicals and over farming methods, the nutritional value of our food has declined dramatically since the war. Many nutrients are depleted from the soil and not being passed through to our food. We believe we are eating a well balanced nutritional diet but are we getting the most out of our food is the real question?

Not only are we compromised by  our food industry  but in our personal and beauty products, household goods, cars and building construction. Every where and everything that we come in contact with potentially can be harmful to us. The continuing use of these products causes toxins and pollutants all around us.  Mother nature does not take kindly to this and she fights back.

But first, let us understand the difference between an allergy and an intolerance.  If you look these words up you will find the following :

“Allergy – A collection of conditions caused by inappropriate or exaggerated reactions off the immune system to a variety of substances.  Many common illnesses, such as asthma and allergic rhinitis (hay fever) are caused by allergic reactions to substances that in the majority of people cause no symptoms.”

“Intolerance – an inability to eat a food or take a drug without adverse effects.”

Years ago there was a distinct difference between the two but now I believe that allergies, intolerances and sensitivities have migrated and evolved in such a way that they not only undermine and jeopardize our immune system but the digestion system as well. Regardless of the name we call it many illnesses such as arthritis, skin conditions, asthma, ME, cancers and autoimmune diseases are all in fact symptoms of allergies and everyone of us is affected differently.  We need to be very diligent, careful and precise to narrow down everything so that our food, personal and environmental products should support our immune and digestive systems instead of compromising or self-destroying.  mixxed allergies

The big question is where do you start to:

  • Certain food groups such as nuts, seafood, fish, milk and eggs, soybeans, sesame and wheat can cause the most serious allergic reactions resulting in an anaphylaxis shock, needing an Epipen and potentially life threatening
  • Gluten is in many foods and products that we use on our body
  • Salicylates in vegetables and fruit
  • Drugs – prescription & recreational, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, medication
  • Clothing and jewellery – these metals react with our skin
  • Insects and bugs, cats and dogs and other animals
  • Shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, skin lotions and makeup, toothpaste and perfumes
  • Household cleaning products, aerosols and detergents, chemicals from paint and solvents and other building materials in the home including plastics
  • Pollen, flowers, grasses and trees in our surrounding environment
  • Latex and zinc in medical devices and plastics in containers and packaging

The latest statistics confirm that our allergies are a huge medical, environmental and social problem, that is not going away and in fact is getting worse.

In Australia in 2011:        

1 in 5 children & 1 in 10 adults were affected by Asthma

Hay fever affected 1 in 10 children aged 6-7 years, 1 in 6 children aged 13-14 years & 2 in 5 adults

Food allergies affected 1 in 5 children and 1 in 7 adults

This survey completed in Australian schools in 2011 showed that 20% of children had an allergy either – asthma, rhinitis/hay fever or eczema.  The last survey which was completed in 2014 showed that these allergies had increased by 30%. In America allergies have increased dramatically over the last 15 years and in the UK and Europe these governments have taken greater steps to study why allergies are on the increase because of the burden of resources that these have put on their Public Health systems.

imagesIt is also interesting to read from various medical surveys, institutions and many professionals  do not accept that the immune system is not involved and that gluten and lactose are classed as  intolerances. In fact many of them suggest because these two do not affect the immune system the same as a peanut allergy – then they cannot be an allergy? Over the years I have found that many people have an intolerance to gluten and lactose and this in turn affects the body balance and ultimately compromises the immune system and eventually leads on to other serious illnesses as well. Unfortunately it is not until it is too late when many of hundreds and thousands of people are affected that the authorities do anything about it. They usually wait until we are a statistic!!!

Why do we develop an allergic reaction or intolerance to a certain food?

Some of us are born with genes from our parents that genetically expose us to certain allergies. Before conception and through pregnancy we have to try to give our children the benefit of good organic wholesome food that is nutritionally balanced with less toxins and additives.  Keep our environment free from other toxins and chemicals.  The first 7 years of a child’s life is very important for the immune and digestive system to build up antigens to fight toxins in our food and environment. If we concentrate on doing this we will give the immune and digestion system the best possible chance to keep our body healthy and able to heal itself and the power to cope better with everything that is thrown at it later on in life.

The worst allergic reactions come from peanuts and tree nuts, eggs and cow’s milk, fish and seafood. These people cannot have anything to do with these foods and have to be very careful what they eat and use.  When you or a member of your family has this hovering over your head all the time this becomes a constant stress that cannot be ignored  and ultimately affects your future health.

Allergies can manifest itself later on in life as a result of an impaired immune system and an unproductive digestive system.   From a Kinesiology point of view this is where you must concentrate on building the correct balance in the digestion system first.

You are what you eat      –     Start with the source

Your health today determines your future longevity

The nutritional value of our food has been lost over the years and this leaves us with not enough  minerals, vitamins and amino-acids being absorbed to support the body; the digestion system cannot make the appropriate enzymes to process and break down the food or breakdown toxins successfully when there is a lack of absorption.  Undigested food will cause further damage through the small intestine and then leaking toxins back into the circulatory system causing diseases and allergies.Cheesewine

Over time if there is a continuation of depletion of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the body, the body adapts by reacting against foods and other toxins by allergy resistance.  This builds up until  you cannot eat most foods and your diet gets very restricted.   Your digestive system, small and large intestines and the immune system are now compromised significantly.

The question is what can we do about our allergies?  How do we try to prevent an intolerance becoming an allergy? How do we help our family to live a better quality of life!

My website is designed to cover as many aspects of these health issues as possible.  I will be adding  information and sharing our experiences together.  Follow my guides to help you get started and gain control of your health.

“No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, it will be better tomorrow” Maya Angelou