Health Matters

20% of UK Adults now take more than 5 drugs a day!

Around 20 % of adults are taking five or more pharmaceuticals a day—but nobody has assessed the side effects and reactions to this chemical cocktail, a leading scientist has warned. Although drug companies have to list possible side effects of individual remedies, they do not assess what the effects could be when several drugs are mixed together, Dr Angela Coulter, senior … read more

Boost your Immune System

Remember PREVENTION is better than the CURE. We should be kick starting our immune system by taking Olive Leaf Extract. This wonderful plant contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties in combating the common cold and flu and any other nasty germs and bugs flying around.  Olive Leaf Extract is also used to lower cholesterol and helps balance the healthy bacteria in … read more

Kinesiology self testing

Watch this demo of of muscle strength self-testing techniques